Nearby Ausangate, one of the highest snow covered mountains in Peru (over 5000 mt. a.s.l) there is a community that could survive despite the time and all its changes. They still have ancestral traditions keeping their cultural background and identity untouchable. They are THE Q’EROS and they are descendants of the Incas.

Japu, Quiko, Hatun Q’ero, Totorani and Markachea are the five communities that form the Q’eros nation. There are no more than 2000 people and all of them live in the province of Paucartambo, in Cusco city.

Most of their work is based on the agriculture and cattle industry activities which are very common in the Highlands since animals such as lamas, alpacas, cows are normally found there.

Q’eros could not be invaded by The Spanish because this area is far from Cusco city and thus it is quite difficult to reach there. However, after the conquest, 300 years after, The Spanish could dominate this area but just for a period of 100 years, just before Peruvian Independence. Fortunately, these events did not affect their typical customs and traditions and they still preserve them in rituals such as Apus songs and Pachamama offers which nowadays have been considered a National cultural heritage since 2007.

Nowadays, there are several tour agencies which offer visits to this place. Visitors will take part in this extraordinary experience, living and learning more about our ancestors.

If you want to experience our past traditions, do not miss the opportunity and come to Cusco to visit the Q’eros civilization.