Guided by the Apus’ wisdom, there are several people (called Shamans, healers or masters) who help, purify and clean emotionally and spiritually your soul and mind. By using different rituals, these people try to reinforce the connection between nature and the human beings through the 4 elements: fire, wind, earth and water.

Shamans are the ones in charge of conducting us in the purification process. In this way our body, mind, spirit and soul will find harmony and it will allow us to feel the energy of the different sacred places Cusco offers.

These ceremonies start with an explanation of the ritual itself and its importance. Chamans work in small groups using every element mentioned. Sometimes, you are asked to drink a San Pedro cactus drink before the ritual. In this way, it will expand your awareness and consciousness to high levels since the cacti have an hallucinogenic substance.

If you are interested in taking part of these rituals, contact a travel agency which will offer you different services regarding these ancestral and mystic ceremonies.

If you are into these types of experiences, then Cusco is the best place for you, indeed!

Photo: http://tierradechamanes.blogspot.pe/