In Cusco, as part of a demonstration of respect, love and devotion to our nature, several people do different spiritual and mystic rituals or activities which have been highly remarkable since ancient times.

If you are keen on experiencing any of these events, we recommend that you get informed about them so that when coming to Cusco you can enjoy one or all of them to the fullest. In this article we will talk about the worship of the earth.

Our ancestors depended on what the land had produced, that’s why the ritual for pachamama was considered really meaningful. Our Incas were grateful for the protection, for fertilizing the Earth and for what the earth naturally produced. The Incas also offered something as an ‘offering’ to Mother Earth (pachamama).

These kind of rituals normally occur on the very first day of August, however they considered that during all the month of August is the best time to do them since, according to their traditions, pachamama (mother earth) is starving.

What did Incas offer to Mother Earth?

 Well, they offered different things such as fruit, coca leaves, seeds, money, animals’ fat, fetus of sheep and lamas. Also, they included sweets and chicha (a typical Peruvian drink)

Why did they use Coca leaves?

According to the Andean culture, a traditional ritual was Coca leaf reading. This was a great contribution and a connection between Humans and nature.

More experts Andeans keep doing this ritual as part of their religiosity. According to them no random person can do this ritual since only the gifted or trained ones can.

Take part of this Incas ceremony and find ‘your right balance’ between nature and the universe. If you have tried this before, leave us a comment telling us your experience.

Photo: Rolly Valdivia

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