Enjoy Cusco to the fullest by visiting its awe-inspiring religious buildings. There is a great variety of churches and convents in this beautiful city and all of them full of history, culture and art.

Most of these constructions are found above Inca’s palaces or sanctuaries which can be appreciated due to their different styles. One of their principal characteristics is its architecture which is considered unique in the world.

Here we mention the 5 top churches in this city:

THE CATHEDRAL OF CUSCO: This is the most important monument showing a magnificient colonial architecture. It was built in 1539 in the Sunturwasi and Kiswar Kancha, highly remarkable places since The Royal Inca’s family lived there.

COMPAÑIA DE JESUS CHURCH: This church is one of the most outstanding monuments of Baroque Andean erected on the Amaru         Kancha, which was the palace of the Inca Huayna Capac. Its location and opulence show extraordinary beauty and catch anybody’s eyes.

LA MERCED CHURCH: Re-built after the 60’s earthquake, La Merced church is one of the oldest in the city of Cusco. Its Baroque tower is a real attraction and in ancient times this church was cloister of the Mercedary order.

SANTA CATALINA CHURCH: This church stands on what the house of chosen virgins of the Sun was, also called Accllawasi. The church and monastery had to be rebuilt after the earthquake in 1650. Nowadays tourists can visit its own museum apart from trying a variety of desserts nuns make there.

SANTO DOMINGO CHURCH: Built on one of the holiest sites during the Pre- Columbian time, it was called Inti Court during the Incas time. Inside, you could see the remains of Qoricancha and walls of fine polished stone. Chronicles affirm that they were covered with sheets of gold and silver with idols and the representation of The Sun.