Chinchero is one of seven districts of the province Urubamba in Peru. Located in the northwest area of Cusco city, this is a place where you can find all different constructions, traditions and costumes from The Incas time. Chinchero is one of the places where it seems the time stands still since the traditions and inca culture continue up to now.

All people in Chincheros, men, women and children wear really colourful traditional dresses in order to demonstrate tourists how rich and beautiful their culture is. Not only will they show you the amazing place Chinchero is, but also how they conservate their typical textiles by spinning, dyeing and knitting.

Chinchero is the center of weaving in Peru. It is home to the Interpretation Center of Andean Textiles. Also, this archeological complex is famous for its water aqueducts and terraces from the Incas time. In the main square, an adobe colonial church called Nuestra Señora de Monserrat, dating from the early seventeenth century, has been built upon the foundations of an Inca temple or palace. The ceiling and walls are covered in beautiful floral and religious designs. The church is open on Sundays for a mass. This colonial church is built on top of the remains of an Incan palace, believed to be that of Inca Tupac Yupanqui. The church is stunning with ornate painted ceilings and combines Catholic and traditional motives as well. Tourists can visit it anytime from Monday to Sunday.

You can’t miss Chinchero! Experience how fascinating its culture is. Enjoy visiting their traditional fairs, beautiful lagoons and well-carved sculptures. It is worth a visit.

Photo: http://www.mysticlandsperu.com/informacion-acerca-de-chincheros-cusco-2016/